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This understanding was and still is traditional for Russia, what is in no small measure explained by its support by the state.

The treatment of the theory with the major role of the law in it is expressed in the name «the theory of law and the state».

The theory of state as a science employs the following methods aimed to cognize its subject matter: analysis, synthesis, dialectics, comparison.

The problem of the priority of the state and the law has the deep philosophic character, covering the categories of the first and the second, the reason and the result, the basic and the derivative.The extent of the involvement to the «The subject and the method...» appearance, formation and functioning of each of the phenomena is considered as well.Let's examine the arguments given to each of the variants.The most widespread is the name «The theory of the state and the law».Its wide acknowledgement was promoted by a number of factors whose content is mentioned further in this textbook.

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