Ps3 trophy list not updating onlinedatingrating com

We have passed the issue on to the developer but as mentioned above they are in administration.

The game released last year and the code has not changed so it feels like the issue is related to how the digital release was prepared which is something Sony handles but we'll keep trying to get a response from the developer. Mc Neil, Thank you very much for your continuing efforts to solve this.

almost everyone has the exact same issuetried doing one crazy taxi trophy synced and the game doesn't show at the had to do some maintenance at one point which prevented trophy's from being synced to the site, after it became available again it was called an update despite nothing happening with one more problem to take it's place.

Hi folks, I bought the "History: Legends of War: Patton" for PS3 at US PSN and the game does not sync the trophies with SONY server. Yesterday I tried to sync it again and nothing changed.

If you look on the US PS Store Update from yesterday, I think I was a little more detailed but not by much (PS Name: typhoon_seven).

I've also spoken to my internet service provider to confirm the settings.

They are also in my region but the gentleman from the previous store update is not (don't quote me but if I remember correctly, the US is divided into 5).

I think you are probably correct about the independent trophy lists since I know that COD had at least 5 individual servers in the US crash during the cyber attack a couple years ago and so far as I know they all have independent trophy caches.

I sincerely hope your working to rectify this problem. I was thinking, and maybe the problem is that the game has an independent trophy list for each version:- PS3 retail EU- PS3 digital EU- PS3 digital US- VITAMaybe the PS3 digital US version has the problem, because I saw some people syncing their trophies. Hello Raven, I was actually very happy to see your posts.

I would really hate to see such a wonderful game fail miserably because of this! This leads me to believe that the problem is more far reaching than I had originally anticipated (US AND UK).

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