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Gone are highly specific traits that were rarely picked, in favor of traits that affect more aspects of life and gameplay.

Once you’ve picked traits for your Sim, make sure you select an animation style, from a confident swagger to a primitive hunch, to match their identity.

Hopefully, wooing another sim won’t be as simple as spamming a progression of romance interactions until you make them love you. You’ll love The Sims 4’s pre-fabricated rooms (A feature that came to The Sims 3 late in its life) and more forgiving building rules.You’ll be able to snap full rooms free of the main structure to rearrange your house’s layout, too.No more dragging one object at a time when you decide you want the bathroom and bedroom to swap positions.It isn’t that you couldn’t travel to other neighborhoods in The Sims 3, but it was a clumsy proposition that involved freezing time for everyone in the main neighborhood while one group left for a new adventure.In The Sims 4, you’ll have a much easier time of it.

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