Radiocarbon dating and creationism C2c girl on web cam

On this site alone there have been statements disputing the constancy of radioactive decay.

See also this useful offsite resource: Jericho chronology dispute. Support this site Yes, I read the article, but I still find it strange that there are multiple observations which point to billions of years of time, yet the Bible is the only thing which points to a few thousand years of time.

The first excavations were performed prior to WWII, and supported the biblical chronology.

When Kathleen Kenyon came away from her study in the 1950s and essentially announced ‘I see no evidence for the destruction of Joshua here,’ she was basing her opinions, in part, on the new field of radiocarbon dating.

If you read articles like [note: link deleted as per our fedback rules], it is clear that the Egyptian dates don't always follow the dig.

Note the clear references to a "plateau in the calibration curve" from 2500 to 2900BC, which would be due to the flood.

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