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A senior military intelligence official who was reportedly close to Syrian president Bashar al Assad was killed during a complex suicide assault in the city of Homs earlier today.The official, General Hassan Daabul, died after a suicide bomber penetrated security and made his way into Daabul’s office, according to a witness cited by .“The area where this happened is very secure, which is always monitored,” Hassoun elaborated, according to Reuters.“And no security operation can happen there unless it is facilitated through other security forces who have security access and the infiltration in those areas.” But Hassoun’s accusations do not square with the claims issued by HTS, which has taken credit for the operation.The inghimasi are well-trained guerrilla fighters who are prepared to die in battle.

In one post, Muhaysini repeated HTS’ claim regarding casualties, saying that General Hassan Daabul and “a number of [other] big officers” were killed. Muhaysini claimed that “the Chief of the National Security branch,” Ibrahim Darwish, was also killed “due to the inghimasi operation.” Citing regime-controlled television stations, the Associated Press (AP) confirmed that Darwish had been “critically wounded.” In still another post, Muhaysini’s Telegram channel boasted: “The killing and wounding of tens due to the detonating of explosive devices in the checkpoints of the criminal Regime while they were treating the wounded from the Military Security and National Security branches.

Some of the photos below show HTS fighting in Homs earlier this month.

The logo for the operations room can be seen in the upper right hand corner, while the watermark for HTS can be seen in the upper left hand corner.

A powerful Ahrar al Sham faction defected and joined HTS in January.

The leader of HTS, a jihadi known as Abu Jaber (Hashem al Sheikh), was formerly the head of Ahrar al Sham.

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