Sarah wayne callies dating wentworth miller

Anyway, how was yesterday’s episode “Call Waiting”? And what do you think is in the box that Lincoln opened up at the very end of the episode? Wentworth Miller‘s GAP ad that everyone loves from their khaki campaign — it’s available in better quality. We hear that you’re leaving the show in the third season.

Wentworth’s character, however, brushed T-Bag off and noted that it appeared as if he already had a girlfriend.

However, if everything pans out and she returns, Sarah admitted that she would be going back to the old scripts.

Sarah explained: “I think it’s a really interesting challenge resurrecting a character I said goodbye to six years ago.“I loved her and it never occurred to me we would be doing this and so I’d have to start from the beginning, watch the seasons again and go back. I save every script of everything I’ve ever worked on, just in case I need to have a bonfire or something."Sarah went on to reveal how she also kept a journal and made notes each day during filming, documenting her mistakes and thoughts.“So it would be a big archival process for me to figure out,” she told Digital Spy.

I’m not part of the team anymore and don’t have any influence on the storyline.

(Keala was born in July 2007.) What projects do you currently have today? Afterwards, I’ll go to California for a little bit.

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