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Related: Chloë Sevigny Joins The Cast Of by Leslie Arfin, all about growing up the awesome weird kid. actress Emily Ratajkowski was far more demure than we're used to seeing her in a custom Topshop cheongsam-inspired dress with keyhole cut-out along the neckline. It just wasn't a cohesive look and had a lot going on — from the off-shoulder neckline to the clashing colors.

I have a Biology degree from the University of Waterloo. My best friend is a fluffy pup that thinks it’s human.Congrats to the happy couple and welcome to six months of Would You Rather: Kardashian Wedding Edition.If you've ever wondered what Nicki Minaj looks like makeup-free (or naked in the shower), here's that. Apparently Carla Bruni was less than pleased that she couldn't take lucrative beauty contracts while Nicolas Sarkozy was in office. The Asda supermarket chain put on its own runway show in order to piggyback on the Chanel show's concept.born November 18, 1974) is an American actress, fashion designer, director, and former model.In 1994, she attracted the attention of novelist Jay Mc Inerney, who wrote a seven-page article about her for The New Yorker, in which he called the then 19-year-old Sevigny the "coolest girl in the world".

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