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To kick off, click on the 'Parental Controls' icon (a picture of two pink stick people), where a warning will pop up to say under 18s should have an adult configure the settings for them (which, incidentally, is one of the reasons it's often important to set consoles up before you let your kids have them).Click next, and it'll explain you need to create a 4 digit PIN to prevent anyone unauthorised from getting access to the Parental Controls, and changing them back.Parents should also keep in mind that the PEGI/ESRB/BBFC ratings don't take into account a game's complexity, and as such, they can't be used as a guide to which games your children will be able to do. Online Interaction In Games As a console with a slightly higher emphasis on online play, the Wii U offers more potential for interaction with strangers than the Wii or 3DS do, but markedly less than more recent consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One.

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This setting simply toggles on and off, shown by a padlock, when you touch it in the list on the Game Pad.All games are given a PEGI rating, while some older games either also or exclusively have a BBFC rating.These ratings apply only to a game's content, and give you an approximation of what's considered appropriate for each of the age groups in terms of violence, sex, bad language and the like.As you'd likely expect, then, the parental controls on its latest console, the Wii U, amongst the most in depth of any of the "big three".And while it's a little bit on the long-winded side, it's also pretty straightforward to set up: First things first How to set a password for users on the Wii U Parental Controls How to access the Wii U's Parental Controls How to set different parental controls for different Wii U accounts How to restrict access to Wii U games by age rating How to block online play on the Wii U How to block access to in-game voice chat on Wii U How to block access to the Wii U internet browser How to prevent users spending money on the Wii U e Shop How to block access to Miiverse How to block an account from adding friends on Wii U - block-adding-friends How to block access to You Tube, Netflix, BBC i Player, and other media applications on Wii U How to prevent accounts deleting saves and games on Wii U How to prevent accounts changing internet settings on Wii U Wii Mode Staying Safe In Wii Mode How to restrict access to Wii games by age rating on Wii U How to restrict access to the Wii e Shop on Wii U How to prevent online play on Wii games on Wii U How to prevent access to inappropriate videos in Wii mode How to set a password for users on the Wii U First things first!

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