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Students perform patient assessments; insert feeding tubes, breathing tubes and catheters; read heart rhythms; deliver babies, set up IV lines and more.According to Caufield, “A typical simulation day is between four and eight hours depending on the complexity of what is being simulated.” The simulations are incredibly realistic.“We make every effort to make the simulation seem as real as possible,” said Caufield.

Have all sims leave the villa and go back to the park, restart your device and hopefully the dancers should have left the park.I used the wrong aged sim to watch the dancing couple, now I can’t enthuse, what should I do?Try using two adult sims to enthuse, if you still don’t get the option you may need to contact EA I left the villa, how do I get back?TIME LIMIT: 7 days LEVEL: 9 UNLOCKS: salsa dancing hobby PRIZE: rugs!To unlock this quest you need to click on the salsa dancers next to the thinking man statue in the park, then select begin quest.

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