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I can't concentrate when there is talking and chaos around me so I am feeling sorry for the quiet people who will have to try and adjust to the non-stop noise.Sad that teachers just can't expect the kids to be quiet and the kids do it because they are expected to by teachers AND parents.During work times, these students form groups and during unstructured times, they cluster to visit.When they are doing group work, the topics move rapidly off and on task, with comments on dress, others, plans for the night or weekend, and what happened in between classes and what might happen during the next break.Lots of kids today are selfish and spoiled~ just because they think something doesn't mean it needs to be said that very minute. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get the kids to focus on their art. of Instruction want the children to be totally quiet. In my art class I have a set of rules that were chosen to help my students be successful when doing their artworks.They might stay quiet for 2 minutes, but then are right back to talking. It cause me to rethink how much longer I want to keep doing this. However, I found that I am fine with a whisper, but children do not know how to whisper. "Be silent during all creative activities" is the first rule.

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I also have yet to sit through 3 hours worth of meetings and see adults not talk. I have a rule that if everyone stays on task, does the work 110%, behaves, 15 minutes before the period ends I allow socializing, and it actually works great in 85% of my classes (student teaching/learning [Explicit] I myself involve myself and most students seem to have more respect for the teacher, they see that I am human too and I can talk to them on their level and be buddy buddy. If students always have to have a group to work, will they be able to do independent work? If it's not entertaining or play-oriented, then you can forget it.Teachers are not respected, and I believe, this teaching children to do so begins at home.I think middle school children need both discipline and social time.Gone is the egocentric child that parents and elementary school teachers know, love, and expect.In his place is a young adolescent with new feelings and a strong interest in others. I LUV to TALK and meet boys but I just like getting along with people...

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