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I wasn't phased by a giant drag queen eating dog shit or two hippies fucking a chicken to death.What John Waters represented to me was that anything was possible. Like many punkers my age, Chris was the gateway to all sorts of ideas and concepts that shook my privilege white male heteronormative world to its core. My very first guy crush was actor Jason David Frank in the early '90s.The fact is, people can't "turn" other people gay or bisexual, just like they can't turn them straight.Most professionals agree that sexual orientation is far too complicated to be changed.When I think back about my first dude crush, there is one thing that looms large: baseball. I don't know, it was just something about his long dark hair and spray tan that really got me going. I was going through the same situation at the time, chasing someone who had a crazy way of showing their love for me. I was closeted to myself until I came out in a Dixie Carter-like huff at age 17, but I remember this: ABC had a reality show called , and a cute, austere host named Anderson Cooper. Today, I still want us to be adorable together, but also rabidly carnal. Now to be lusty, I've always crushed on Michael Strahan, from ; I love the quirky 'lil gap in his teeth.If you grow up playing, watching, and loving sports, it's likely that your first dude crush is probably a professional athlete in the sport you played the most. Smooth swing, plus-defender, more walks than strikeouts, and an OPS of 1.072 when he won the batting title for the 1993 World Series Champion Toronto Blue Jays. I'm just really eager to rub his big 'ol head and kiss his forehead. Not to be promiscuous, but I'm also crushing on this kid from L.Between his chest and the wallpaper in that movie, I didn't know WHAT the fuck was happening to me, and I will go on the record as NOT liking mustaches!Extreme crush-relapse on him when he showed up as Monica's DILF boyfriend on When first prompted with this question, my instinct was to say Taylor Hanson, because he, blond teen song-angel of 1997/1998, was the first crush I really knew for sure was a crush.

If what John Waters was doing was okay, I would be okay too. Perhaps not though because he is also pretty juiced. Oliver played various Rangers, but my personal fave was his alluring White Ranger moment. He's four months old, and I can't keep my eyes off him.Mainly because the definition of "crush" is vast and relative -- there's no one way to correctly answer the question.And not just because I can't believe not one guy said Leonardo Di Caprio.Sadly, we live in a world with a lot of homophobia and straight guys often feel threatened when gay guys are interested in them.Though it can be hard to accept, most straight guys just aren't going to be interested in a gay relationship.

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