[color=#000080][b]This thread is about ONLINE DATING. It's NOT about "You're such a loser if you cant pick up guys/gals in a bar". Xie Xie.[/b][/color] Are there any good sites for Taipei where one can meet girls. Taiwan Fun's Hey Personals, or whatever they call it, is actually the same dating service, just rebranded. just to expand on this....there is a network of dating sites feeding into this service that are all part of the worldfriends network; my HR manager actually saw my profile on it and asked me if i'd signed up for some site or other i'd never heard of (local Chinese language site) ...of the matches you find might not actually speak any English whatsoever....(the format for profiles is largely multiple choice)....

I am moving to Taiwan later on this year so I will be on my own and I wanted to try and make friends with people who will be around where I will be at. The other question is how hard is it for a single white male who has had no kind of dating experience ever to find a date. I should point out that I moving after the second week in september Start learning Mandarin. Then when you get here, get language exchange partners, go out a lot (don't stay in your room watching TV), and chat with all the cute xiaojie's you see. Are there any good sites for Taipei where one can meet girls. There is a huge, I mean HUGE pool of single available women in Taipei. The average Chinese/Taiwanese guy, is at best, an unintentional misogynist by western standards.

One thing that bothers me about Forumosa Friends is that it in the country list it says Taiwan (China), which is a bit like saying Sudetenland (Germany) in 1938.

However, I shouldn't mention that here, because it is politics and this is the Dating Forum.


Some Taiwanese refer to local girls dating Western (i.e.

white) foreigners as Xicanmei (西餐妹), literally „girls who like Western-style food.“ (This video by rapper Dog-G is one example.) I have also heard the term „Potato Queen“ (馬鈴薯皇后).

The subject of intercultural/interracial relationships is being discussed But I had not yet seen an attempt to give a voice to those who are directly affected by such terms – namely, Taiwanese girls dating Western guys. (Click CC for English subtitles.) Some key statements: Over the last few years living in Taiwan, I have come to share many of these observations.

They will carefully check you out over a period of a couple months (to make sure that you're not crazy) and make introductions for you.

This is the standard, culturally acceptable way to meet women in Chinese culture. The unfortunate thing about online is that all of the good online dating sites are in Chinese.

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