Teenage christian dating

God expects parents to take the reins when it comes to parenting.Parents are God's representatives here on earth, and, as such, are afforded by Him great responsibility.Make sure that decisions facing your family are decided expeditously by you.When your children eventually reach their teen years and "dating" relationships are realized, you will thank yourself for "plowing the ground" ahead of time. Perhaps, it's time to asign these words to the dustbin of outmoded phrases. " Yet, despite such "clarifications," for Christian parents teen dating has and will continue to be a valid concern.At least, if most 15 year-olds had their way, they would be happy never to hear these words again. There are ways, however, to make the experience a stepping stone for spiritual growth for both you and your teen."Getting to know you, getting to know all about you! " There was a time when a first date called for a corsage, a definitive destination and a lot of preparation, whereas today, corsages and dances have been replaced by Tostito chips and videos.Eventually, the group see the pair as a couple committed to each other.

This may be a difficult decision for a parent since, on the surface and possibly to your teen, it may seem to be a pretty subjective decision.It is important for both parent and teen to sit down and discuss each dating opportunity keeping in mind that there will be times when the decision is difficult.Whatever the case, make it your routine to share all dating opportunities with the Lord in prayer.There are no intermediaries between God's authority and that of parents.Let the following characteristics of leadership be you guide to disciplining, training and guiding you children from an early age.

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