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Wes Crenshaw and high-school senior Kyra Haas offer ideas for talking to teenagers about dating, sex, and love.

How teenagers and young adults couple is a strong predictor of how they’ll connect later in life, so we want to take it seriously.

No matter how much you want to, you can’t completely control whether your child has sex, but you can teach them how to stand up for themselves and make good choices.

Most of us know that we should be doing a better job of talking to our kids about teen dating, sex, and love. Their insights will give you a basis for a more meaningful conversation with your teenager.

For those who choose to become sexually active and have the courage to discuss this with their guardians, consider helping them get to a health care provider who can educate them on the risks/consequences of early sexual activity and initiate contraception as needed.

Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Information Last updated 9/8/14 Disclaimer: All health information on is for informational purposes only.

So, talk with your teens often about possible risky situations and about how you feel they should handle them.


Guys have always found pride in that dubious accomplishment.If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.Emergency contraception is not just a “morning-after pill.” New Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Guidelines implemented in March 2016 regarding the use of drugs to induce an abortion, can be found at the following link on their website regarding the use of Mifeprex to end an early pregnancy: Safety/Postmarket Drug Safety Informationfor Patientsand Providers/ucm111323Emergency contraceptives available in the United States include: ella, which works best when taken within 72 hours, but should be taken as soon as possible.Emergency contraception pills can reduce the risk of pregnancy up to 120 hours after unprotected sex, but they work best when taken within 72 hours.They do not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

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