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Also, to find a smog test station, or if you are wondering where there is a "Wisconsin car inspection near me", review the details below.Emission test requirements are issued on behalf of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as part of the Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Program, or WIVIP.Emissions inspections in Wisconsin are not required for every vehicle.Certain emissions inspections can be waived if the vehicle fits the following criteria.Other authorized inspectors may even offer a smog check coupon for repair work done at the facility.If the vehicle fails the emissions testing requirements after the necessary repair work was complete, then a temporary extension will need to be filed.

Wisconsin smog tests are thorough and for the benefit of the environment, which means your smog check may result in a failure depending on the circumstance.

A smog check in Wisconsin is not necessary for any diesel-powered vehicle model year 2006 and older, or for motorcycles, mopeds, non-motorized vehicles, school buses or human service vehicles.

A Wisconsin car emission test is not required for electric vehicles, however, electric hybrid vehicles will need to participate in WI auto emissions testing.

This Wisconsin smog check requirement excludes diesel vehicles.

Also, a smog check is mandatory for automobiles and light trucks from 2007 and older with a gross vehicle weight of up to 14,000 pounds. Regular and non-regular circumstances for Wisconsin emissions testing includes transfer of ownership, transfer of plates, new plates being issued, registering the vehicle for the first time in Wisconsin, renewing registration, emissions equipment being tampered with, fraud vehicle locations and government specific vehicles.

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