Tom tom gps never need updating

Others use radio signals to receive the information.At the lower end, you may need to connect your phone wirelessly to the device, so that it can use the data connection to receive live traffic information.It’s becoming less and less common to find a car without a half-decent navigation device fitted as standard.

For many drivers, a smartphone app such as Google Maps or Waze will do everything they need, including traffic information, up-to-date maps and places to stop off at along the way.Gone are the days when satnavs were a strictly aftermarket purchase.You now get a satnav fitted as standard on a Suzuki Baleno that costs less than £13,000 – and every single BMW that rolls off a garage forecourt comes with one, too.The big manufacturers have honed their basic route guidance for years, and there’s little to choose between the standard displays.There are, however, additional features that do differentiate the products, including the 3D junction displays, which show you a path through complicated motorway junctions, or a series of turns that follow in quick succession.

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