Top teen dating relationship problems

By the time most children enter middle school their parents are starting to realize they’re not little kids anymore. Regardless, many are playing the part, wearing makeup, spending hours on Facebook and, much to their parents’ dismay, asking to go on dates.Conventional wisdom says there’s no “right” age to start dating – it depends on the child’s maturity.This type of indirect peer pressure can be positive if the partner and their friends steer clear of drugs and alcohol, or it can be an early introduction to a potentially life-altering problem.For parents who are unaware of the people and dynamics at play, it’s difficult to know what you’re facing.

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There is also a practical element: If the romantic interest – or, interestingly enough, their friends – drink or use drugs, your child will likely follow suit to demonstrate their ability to fit into the partner’s life.One study found one-quarter of teens involved in a romantic relationship are abused by their partner via cell phones or social media.With 24/7 access to one another, it can be difficult to escape.For older teens, it can help them develop a healthy sense of self and master critical social and interpersonal skills that will serve them well in more serious relationships down the road.It’s the age at which dating starts that’s a concern.

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