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With a crown of white hair and a heavy build that doesn’t quite obliterate the debonair good looks of his youth, “Chris was super-handsome when he was younger, and all the girls loved him,” says a friend of Tory’s. and a founding partner of an executive-search firm and a childhood friend of Chris’s. In the last two years, he’s wearing things for a reaction.”It’s all part of the Chris Burch show, which can be quite entertaining—except to Tory.

These days, he’s partial to mandarin-collared shirts and pink pants—the “pink party” he gives every summer at his beach house, in Southampton, draws preppies from around the area—and he adds eclectic touches to his wardrobe, like mismatching Havaianas flip-flops or black velvet slippers with letters spelling out words across both feet, like SM-ILE and HE-ART.“Chris is a caricature,” says John “Ox” Marshall, C. Since filing for divorce, a half-dozen years ago, the Burches have developed one of the oddest ex-spousal relationships in New York society.

He seeks compensatory damages and relief, including the removal of Tory and four directors from the board.

“Through her machinations,” the suit alleges, “Tory Burch fashioned a corporate governance process that is perfectly imperfect.” The Tory Burch company disputes the suit’s allegations and says it expects to respond with its own suit.

“Everything here comes from China: the doors, the windows—every single thing,” he boasted. And though they both traffic in the accoutrements of upper-class style, neither grew up rich or social.

“I’ll be selling all this—everything from custom furniture to custom kitchens—through my new concept store, No. Chris’s mother was a Sinkler, a fine Main Line family, but his dad, who ran sales for a construction company before going on to run his own company, grew up one of 10 kids in a middle-class Baltimore family.

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A devout music fan who currently dates the intense ex-C. G., or “original gangsta,” in the rap business, he made his name road-managing Run-D. She thought carefully about the models’ hairstyles, gluing messy, loose braids that resembled stalks of wheat onto her prairie girls, and then repeating this sheaf-of-wheat print on the dress she wore when she took a bow.Wonder, while still sitting on her company’s board?Dissecting one of the oddest ex-spousal relationships in New York society, Vanessa Grigoriadis learns why the Burches are ripe for a showdown.But this professional success covers up a nasty behind-the-scenes feud.In early October, Chris sued Tory for breach of contract and interference with the sale of his shares of the company.

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