Toxic dating games

The first reason that many people play mind games is undoubtedly in order to get back some control.If we can illicit a response from someone, or if we can get them to do what we want, then this can give us a great power buzz and make us feel like we are in control. If they are feeling like they have no control of their lives, or perhaps like a failure, then it might be that they chose you specifically to take out their frustrations and this will often be because you represent what they want to be.Happy, high self esteem people don’t seek to hurt others because their happy with their lives and have empathy.Unhappy people are unhappy with their lives and lash out against others for real or imagined slights.If you’re used to the player lifestyle, and you’re having fun getting laid on tinder it might not seem like a big deal because your life is all fun and games.But no mistake it’s serious business, and you will fall for a girl at some point, and the second you start thinking your bigger than the game is when disaster strikes.

Here we will look at why people play mind games, what this often entails, and how to turn it around.

This feels a lot like playing mind games, but it may not have such fiendish motivations.

Finally mind games can quite simply be a means to an end.

Weve all been on the receiving end of mind games, and weve all experienced people who like to test us and put us through the psychological ringer.

These people might be our colleagues, our friends, our family, or most commonly, our partners but in any case it can be just as frustrating and potentially damaging.

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