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A time when we are often better to listen and wait than to guesstimate. Have a look at this picture of Rubin’s vase and see what you see: is it two faces looking at each other; is it a wine goblet?

The true answer is that it is both; yet because of how our brains are wired to perceive the world, whichever image you choose to see, you then cannot see the other.

The Tool Guys van will be on display at MOTAT from March 1, 2014 as part of the Stars and Cars exhibition Head along to MOTAT in Auckland for your chance to see this and many other iconic Kiwi vehicles!

In case you've been wondering, yes, I've been away for a bit.

New Zealand’s electoral system gives it a parliament which represents voters.

Its winner-takes-all executive government, however, remains unrepresentative.* (This is a follow on from the earlier column on coalitions.) This paper tries to evaluate various coalitions on the basis of their political ideologies.

South Pacific Pictures have taken the exciting step of an open casting for the younger version of the character made famous by actor Grant Bowler in Outrageous Fortune.

“The young man we’re looking for has some big Grant Bowler size shoes to grow into,” says West Side Story co-creator James Griffin.

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A time when little is said and those few words that escape are picked over with elaborate pontification and freighted with meaning they are too slender to bear.

That certainly did not happen in 1911, 1928, 1978 or 1981 when the party with most votes ended up in opposition. Most scientists work within the existing paradigm – the framework of the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology commonly accepted by the discipline.

The better ones keep an eye out for anomalies which require some adaptation of the paradigm.

“Antonia was attached to this project from the beginning,” explains series co-creator James Griffin.

“The Wests always spoke of how much Loretta was the spitting image of her grandmother, Rita, and we played with that very briefly during we head back to the 1970s and we will discover much more about Ted and Rita West…and everything else there is to know about the roots of the West family tree.” When it came to casting the actor to play Ted, Griffin explains that they were looking for someone who captured the real heart and soul of the character.

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