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The hook point comes to rest, exposed, on the back of the Toad.A couple of other tips Baumgardner offers for better hook ups on the Toad is to keep reeling until the fish gets it.“The hardest part of Toad fishing is not to snatch it away when the fish blow-up on it,” Baumgardner said.But the trick behind his rig is a unique item called a Screwed-up Bullet.The Screwed-up Bullet is essentially a screw-in bullet weight, minus the weight.After hundreds of hours of reeling a Toad across the waters of America in competition, Baumgardner has come up with what he feels is the best way to rig a Zoom Horny Toad for optimum hook up percentages.“First of all, it’s important to understand that you’re not going to hook every fish that bites a Toad,” Baumgardner advised.

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Finally, he buries the hook in the back of the Toad, creating a slight arch in the Toad to help it run right-side up.Baumgardner has won more tournament money on a Horny Toad than anyone else on the FLW Tour.No matter where the Tour takes him, Baumgardner always has a Toad rigged and ready to go.How would they treat a girl who asked to be left alone?And would it be different than how women would treat a boy saying the exact same things?

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