Updating automatic electric ae 80

In 1978, the Sprinter saw a competitor introduced by Nissan called the Pulsar.The 1979 fourth generation Sprinter was based on the fourth generation Corolla coupe, 2 door sedan, 4-door sedan and liftback.The first generation Sprinter was introduced in March 1968 as a fastback version of the first generation Corolla, and sold at Japanese dealership sales channel called Toyota Auto Store.This was the only version to include the word "Corolla" in its name.

Each generation of the Corolla had a corresponding Sprinter sibling, until the introduction of the Corolla E140 in 2000.The Sprinter was directly replaced by the Toyota Allex and NUMMI would also commence export of the Corolla-derived Pontiac Vibe hatchback from the United States to the Japanese domestic market badged as the Toyota Voltz.Both were sold at the Toyota NETZ Store, which succeeded the Toyota Vista dealer network.This was the last generation of Sprinters to have RWD, so it remains a favourite of sports car enthusiasts—particularly in drifting.Fame was brought to this model by its appearance in the Initial D Japanese animation.

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