Updating databases in

To accomplish this, place your app into maintenance mode.If you have scheduler jobs running as well, you should disable them.The contents of the database prior to a transfer will not be recoverable.If the target database already contains data, capturing a backup with $ heroku pg:copy source-application:: OLIVE HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_PINK -a target-application ! Transferring data from source-application:: OLIVE to HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_PINK !Instead of writing the backup to a disk however, it streams it over the wire directly to the restore process on the new database.

The Post GIS extension will be set up automatically, but beware of outstanding Post GIS issues when upgrading to a new version.Upgrades the plan of a production database while keeping Postgre SQL version the same.Only works with Standard, Premium, Private, or Enterprise tier databases (or legacy production databases). Requires several hours to prepare a follower (during which an application can remain active), and less than 1 minute of downtime during the changeover.This article describes how to upgrade Heroku Postgres databases.The upgrade processes described here can be used both to upgrade (or downgrade) the plan of a Heroku Postgres database, as well as to upgrade the Postgre SQL version of a database.

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