Updating xperia x10 to android 2 3

These models are a good fit for multi-device households that experience heavy network traffic via lots of video streaming, torrent downloading, file transfers, and online gaming.Wireless Ethernet networks use 802.11 protocols to send and receive data.With Qo S settings, you can decide which applications and clients get network priority.For example, if one device is streaming Netflix video, and another device is downloading files or running a print job, you can give priority to the streaming device to avoid choppy, out-of-sync video.Additionally, try to choose a router that offers removable antennas.If you want to manage how your Wi-Fi network is being used, make sure your next router has parental controls, Quality of Service (Qo S) options, and a guest-network feature.

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The most widely used Wi-Fi protocol, 802.11n, allows for maximum data rates of up to 600Mbps and operates on both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands.In a nutshell, you're creating a separate network for guests with a Service Set Identifier (SSID) and password that are different from your main network credentials.This lets your guests connect to the Internet, but doesn't give them access to your files, printers, and other connected devices.You'll see 802.11ac routers with labels like AC1200, AC1750, AC3200, and so on.This designates the theoretical maximum speed of the router.

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