View epg not updating

I had that problem for a couple of weeks until i found this by accident.

@, any chance of getting Nex PVR to do more that one scheduled EPG update every day.

XMLTV is an XML based file format for describing TV listings.It can grab data from about 100 different websites from over 30 different countries, with 'grabbers' added regularly.You can even create your own grabber for your preferred TV Listings website.However if I run the updateepg from within Next PVR at that time, the channels are then populated. Running isn't going to do anything but update your xml file. It's not going to read that file until next time it does it's EPG update.You can run '-updateepg' though instead, which will run though the normal EPG update process (including running your updateepg.bat). They're pretty shitty, and only usually carry about 6 hours or so of listings, which is next to useless for PVR purposes.

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