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Style: We're looking for a simple design that visually communicates the following: - we are a GLOBAL dating site. Content: - we are moving away from our "Content in a phone" look, so do not include any design that incorporates the phone or an iframe look.

- must include a registration form, with the following fields: Main Links: What is Funky Sexy Cool?

Its all about getting data back from Tinder (which remember is part of IAC/Match group) …Duportail eventually got some of the rest of her data, but only on a voluntary basis, and only after she identified herself as a journalist.

We are a dating and flirting community for young, 18 singles from around the world. We have over 300,000 members and are growing rapidly.

Our goal is to become the largest dating site in the world for singles looking to meet people from different countries.

Imagine all those new services which could act like brokers and enable choice!

It could be standard to have the ability to export and import rich data sets like Attention profile markup language (APML).

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