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He posted this pic of himself with Tay backstage at one of her concerts sharing in the caption, "Dear Taylor, Chicago loves you and you're welcome back anytime.Congrats on 2 back to back sold out nights at Soldier's Field of 55,000 people, and thanks for treating my friends so well"Turns out, Tay is also a fan of Chance's work, and was more than willing to take a picture with the Chicago native according to the guy who snapped this adorable pic. Taylor, and all of the internet tbh, watched the video and could not get enough. In the pic she shared, Keke is totally fangirling — literally clutching her chest with joy — as she greets the former Disney Channel star. Chance the Rapper definitely isn't too cool to show Taylor Swift mad love on Instagram. First Anna notices just how close she is to Mariah, "She's two arm lengths away from me." Then she loses the ability to form sentences, "It's just the best glamorous ever. There's no grammar there." But when asked if she's ready to meet the singer, Anne becomes suddenly becomes shy: "She's now an arm length away. I'm going to meet her when the time's right."Watch the entire hilarious exchange in the video above."I just really like channel it into a joyous admiration and appreciation." She loves Bey so much, that the only thing that could possibly go wrong at the awards is if she doesn't have a chance to see her!"See, that's the only way that I'll be upset is if we don't get to see Beyoncé," she added. I'll just be like, 'I wish that we could see her all the time.'"Us too Tay, us too.hitting #1 on i Tunes, but they get to add one more thing to their list, because they just got a major shout out from musical legend Mariah Carey!

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The lyrics go, "Thank you Niall, Louis and Harry, Zayn and Liam, too.

Mariah tweeted: "#Now Playing #Like Mariah by @Fifth Harmony Love it!! Congratulations on your album." The girls totally freaked out (obvs), with Normani responding, "It's such an honor to be recognized by my idol. does this mean there could be a 5H/Mariah collab in our future? next week, Demi tweeted its star Kerry Washington (aka Olivia Pope), "Hey @Kerry Washington, how do I apply to be Olivia Pope's assistant?!?

Thank you so much for inspiring me through music." And Ally added, "Wow thank you so much Mariah!! " It looks like Selena Gomez isn't the only #Gladiator For Life!

for anyone that has known me from the beginning you know she is my musical queen- so for that reason- and just me coming to see one of my most magical friends absolutely kill it- TONIGHT. We're sure Taylor showed off her best "Bad Blood" moves knowing that real life superheroes were in the audience.

And who knows, maybe they were so impressed they offered her a cameo?! She posted a pic of the billboard ad for Elizabeth's new show, and totally geeked out in the caption, sharing, "My best friend's face is literally all over LA @lizgillz #SDRR I'm so excited for you and proud of you I love you! with Meghan Trainor's hit single "Dear Future Husband." To show Meghan just how much they love it, they took a video of themselves singing along to the super adorable song and sent it to right to the singer.

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