Who is dating ryan adams

As for their shared property, Moore gets to keep their Griffith Park home, their Beverly Hills condo and also their 2012 Prius.

For his part, Adams is keeping his comic book collection, various arcade and pinball machine games, a 2008 Porsche Carrera and a 1959 Cadillac. "Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore have mutually decided to end their marriage of almost 6 years," the couple's reps said in a joint statement to ET last January.

Although he didn't mention Moore's name, the singer-songwriter acknowledged he channeled his heartbreak into the album in an interview with Beats 1 radio host Zane Lowe that same month.He is best known for his solo career, during which he has released sixteen albums, and as a former member of alternative country band Whiskeytown, with whom he recorded three studio albums.In 2000, Adams left Whiskeytown and released his debut solo album, Heartbreaker, to critical acclaim.Originally listed for .9 million back in February, the actress pocketed a hefty .84 million for the luxurious fifth-floor So Ho loft - which features three bathrooms, wooden floors and master bedroom with eight closets.The When Harry Met Sally star's new condo set her back .3 million and will see her become the neighbour of a whole host of A-list celebrities, including Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lawrence, Harry Styles and Lewis Hamilton.

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