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All these were flagged, along with the many videos that focused on LGBT issues or radical Islam or politics. For months, we've been hearing about the You Tube crackdown on conservative voices, especially those who have the temerity to confront certain "controversial" issues.And we've known that, with the ADL joining forces with You Tube, blatant censorship could be next.The invasion of the Goths and Decius' death put an end to the abortive attempt.

(notice, nothing here about Islam, LGBT issues, or politics; nothing controversial at all other than a discussion of an interesting Jewish tradition)Lee Strobel Shares His Testimony (yes, the same Lee Strobel whose testimony was enshrined in the Case for Christ movie; how dangerous!The choice was left to the Senate, who unanimously selected Valerian (the future emperor).But Valerian, well aware of the dangers and difficulties attached to the office at such a time, declined the responsibility.In January 250, Decius is said to have issued one of the most remarkable Roman imperial edicts.From the numerous surviving texts from Egypt, recording the act of sacrifice, it appears that the edict itself was fairly clear: All the inhabitants of the empire were required to sacrifice before the magistrates of their community 'for the safety of the empire' by a certain day (the date would vary from place to place and the order may have been that the sacrifice had to be completed within a specified period after a community received the edict).

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