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starlet Sarah Hyland suffered domestic violence from her longtime boyfriend, Matt Prokop.

The couple seemed inseparable, and there was no indication of any acrimony when they split after five years together.

These 13 stars survived and thrived after suffering domestic violence at the hands of some seriously disturbed partners, husbands and boyfriends.

Let their stories inspire you, whether it's to leave an abusive situation or to just feel less alone.

Prokop entered a rehab facility in August after the incident, and the center's director told Hyland and the judge that due to his behavior and attitude towards her, even after treatment, that she needed a protective order for her own safety.." Ike Turner's abuse led Tina Turner to attempt suicide in 1968, swallowing 50 Valiums, but she recovered.

And these people are always unaware of just how common domestic abuse can be.Rihanna had confessed to Oprah Winfrey that she believed Brown's abuse was a sign that he himself needed help, possibly even more than she did.Tommy Lee reportedly abused Pamela Anderson numerous times, even hurling her across a table and attacking her while she was holding one of their sons.Halle Berry grew up witnessing her father abuse her mother.Now the Oscar winner volunteers to help domestic violence survivors and their children. a little girl growing in this environment that damaged me ...

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