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We hope you find your name here and the names of many others you love. Bob Stevenson Cherie Stevenson Bob Stevenson IIJohn Stevenson Gerrilyn Casals Kip Casals Lindsay, Dakota, Seth, Shane and Stephanie UAFS Theater Department Brian D. Paula Glidewell Jeannie Carroll Ila Debose Scott Whittenberg Next Step Homeless Services staff: John Foster Cheryl Matlock Robert Petty Tina Stapleton Gary Becc Joe Matthews Amy Sherrill Next Step Homeless Services volunteers Eddie Floyd Patti Floyd Mason Floyd Ada Floyd Jacob Floyd Sophie Floyd Landon Floyd Jim and Sue Rose Susan Jennings Dave Jennings Sharon Jennings Dillon Jennings Daisy Jennings Matt Jennings George Jennings Justin Lewis Miranda Jennings Emerson Lewis Marvin Jennings Trevor Jennings Georgia Jennings Derek Thomas Lacey Thomas Phil Gammill Phoebe Schaffer Max Schaffer Parker Thomas Buddy Peters Kay Peters Kyle Peters Larry Shelby Linda Shelby Bob Heidorn Jennifer Heidorn Cooper Heidorn Jantzen Slater Jessica Slater Madelyn Slater Steve Rader Carol Rader Jody Hill Hollie Hill Courtney Hill Kaitlin Hill Jordan Hill Justin Boyd Lori Boyd Mora Boyd Olivia Boyd Amelia Boyd Scott Peters Tink Peters Heath Peters Beth Peters Jesse Peters Chelsea Peters Kinslee Peters Drake Peters Barbara Davidson Gary Featherston Linda Featherston Glen Featherston Dianna Featherston Larry Odom Susie Odom Herb Featherston Ella Mae Featherston Shirley Golofski Marty Golofski Juanita Allen Jo Ann Huffman Eddie Knight and Let’s Do Lunch Bunch Kylie Eveld Lindsey Eveld Cheryl Eveld Donnie Eveld Claire Pinter Bret Pinter Alan Pinter Patti Pinter Patrick Pinter Don Eveld In memory of David Bowden In memory of Barbara Bowden In memory of Tony Scott In memory of Charlie and Hazel Scott Kenneth and Sue Scott Elaine Lynch Patrick Lynch Terry Lynch Kathleen Teague Jennifer Branstner Chrissy Glenn Jane Perry Jim Perry Elizabeth Cameron Glenn Cameron Megan Young Lee Young Shirley Harris Olen De Foore Karyn De Foore Michael De Foore Darrell Bolding Patricia Bolding Brenda Kay and Norman D.Neihouse Jane Huskison Mary Elizabeth Huskison Mark Huskison Chap Huskison Lori Zimmerman Dr. Mitch and Robin Harper Chandler Harper Elizabeth Harper Jeff Richardson Debbie Richardson Kayla Richardson T. Richardson Bryan Swaim Sherry Swaim Sarah Swaim Andrew Swaim Randall Swaim Johnnie Swaim Betty Krajewski Addison Taylor Carter Rylee Faith Carter Claire Walser Lucy Walser Opal Liggett Sean Liggett Nancy Clark Elliott and James Sparkman William Sparkman Gene and Sue Sparkman Reshia Sparkman Brett and Allie Sparkman Marymartha and Mark Myette Andre Myette Louisa Myette Mary Mondier Mark Mondier Matt Mondier Louise Weathers Janet Cooper Kati Davis Riley Davis Caroline Cooper Stella Cooper Emily Rett Toodi Rett Mary Buckman Judy Englehart The Keizer family and the Hornsey family Perry Male and Karen Malone Sarah Rynolds Eadyn Tallon Joe Reynolds Stacey Faught Asa Down Carter Charlie Vaughn In honor of Next Step Homeless Services Board of Directors: Neil Pennington, president Sharon Chapman, vice president Susan, Tucker, secretary Kim Wohlford, treasurer Jo Carson Tim R. Cole In memory of Mildred Manuel In memory of Ron Weisenfels Dylan Weisenfels Devin Weisenfels Emmanuel Pena Caitlin Mc Claren Cory Mc Claren Leona Reed Rick Reed In memory of Richard Reed Harold and Mable Oliver Danny R. Hill Her family: Jim and Nancy Phyllis and Charlie El and Al Barb and Hal Mike and Preston All the others (Too numerous to mention)Plus Phil and Tasha Blackburn Kim and Stanley Members of First Presbyterian Church Gary and Sue John and Elly Hank and Nell Robbie Anderson Brock Michael Angelo Anderson In memory of Buster Anderson In memory of Sam Anderson In memory of Angel Anderson In memory of Pistol Brock In memory of Lady Brock In memory of Fluffy Brock Audra Rouw David Rouw Alexandra Rouw Anika Rouw Cream Puff Susie Princess Peter Little Guy Wade Brock Mary Starr Brock Will Brock Clara Brock Rachel Brock Howie Brock Terry Littleton Rena Littleton Kylee Meritt Brody Merritt Camryn Harvey Brantlee Cox Kelly Cox Josh Cox Mike Bock Michael Bock Rebecca Franchione Brad Franchione Isabelle Franchione Wyatt Franchione Gunner Franchione Brenda Sivage Rusty Garrett Jeanette Foreman Patrick and Carolyn Todd Helbling family Robert and Lynn Boyle The Bob Brown family Bridal Elegance In honor of: Paula Glidewell Martha Goodson Deborah Chapman Kim Van Marilyn Baer Kathy Smith Brenda J.

Christina Mott Toni Alley Miah Alley Charlie Alley Cameron Alley Charlotte Alley Zach Alley Kira Randolph Kyle Randolph Meighan Randolph Allysa Crowder Skye Randolph Addie Littleton Baiden Littleton Amber Mc Key Brent Mc Key Harliegh Mc Key Jay Vowell Josh Vowell Quin Vowell L. Watts Jamie Duffy Faith Palmer Nikoli Mc Broom Geniavea Mainard Wanda Snow Dennis Snow Tami Gray Teri Eklund Traci Poland Becky Smyers Cheryl Crainshaw Candice Mills Kathy Spears Dr. Shirley Henson Ray Rhinehart Jeff Kengott Darlene Kengott Jared Kengott Chase Kengott In memory of Bill Johnson Rosie Johnson Janet Wolz Dr. After this date, coins were produced in Venice by the mint.Although there is no information about coinage in what was the Duchy of Venice (a semi-independent entity within the Byzantine Empire from which the Republic of Venice originated), ancient historians such as Andrea Dandolo and Marin Sanudo mention that the privilege of coinage was given to Venice by the kings of Italy Rudolph II (in 921) and Berengar II (in 950); however, it is more likely that this privilege had been granted by Byzantine emperors, as coins with the names of Venice and the name of German emperors Louis I (814-840) and Lothair I (840-855) had been already in circulation before the aforementioned dates.For each client willing to participate there are case managers who can help them.We learned about the people and agencies who support and work with Next Step, including two Episcopal churches, St. Bart’s; volunteers like Tom Calderera, who is well-known to many in Fort Smith, and Reuben Rodriguez, who may not be.

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